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Content is everything. It creates … brand awareness … website traffic … more leads … more sales … loyal clients.

  • Establish your authority
  • Nurture strong relationships
  • Lay foundation for growth
  • Prospects become clients

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Social Media done right can increase website traffic up to 90%. We create extraordinary social media.

  • Build your loyal fan base
  • Be an industry thought leader
  • Spot emerging design trends
  • Get more website traffic

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We get media attention for your luxury brand. We find award programs your unique designs can win.

  • Coveted design media network
  • Awards program for your designs
  • Featured in leading design media
  • Influential brand ambassadors

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Marketing Mastermind Group

Each week these 30 minutes of pure inspiration keep you focused on successful online business growth. CEO & Founder of Luxury Design Marketing, Cathy Kegley engages this Marketing Mastermind Group in live coaching sessions.

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Explosive growth for your luxury building or design firm happens when you know how to get quality leads! Learn how in Ultimate Lead Generator training.

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Enjoy our unique difference

We are dedicated exclusively to business growth for building and design firms.

Social Media

We use customer avatars and surveys to create social pages that work best for your business. Understanding what drives your customers to use your products or services enables us to customize social contests, promotions, and events that build relationships.

Digital Media Presence

To stand out from the crowd in business today your digital properties must reflect your stellar home design presence online. Your digital platforms must, also, increase revenue for your business. We create digital media properties that accomplish both goals.

Five Star Reviews

People buy from people they know and trust. We use all social media outlets to WOW your customers, earn their trust and to gain testimonials and referrals. Next, we propagate your 5-star reviews across all social media and digital platforms like HOUZZ, Yelp, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Content Is King

Congruent with effective digital marketing we focus on creating high-quality content that is relevant to your specific target audience. We start by developing your brand image in taking the first step toward shaping how your clients perceive your home design firm.

Targeted Email Marketing

Tracking buying habits of your customers enables us to create powerful automated email campaigns. We create sale promotions to drive up-sell and cross-sell using a flow of targeted emails based on how each customer interacts with your design business.

Automated Sales System Results

We organize and automate sales activities to create efficiency so you spend less, work less and increase your sales. We automate and deliver marketing that entices up-sell and repeats customer spending at the precise time they are ready to buy.


The philosophy of Luxury Design Marketing is to leverage the power of digital marketing so building and design firms create more harmonious spaces that enhance human experience and inspire mankind.


Our digital marketing solutions grow your building or design business.

1. Reach Your Goals

We look at your competitors, your market and where you are in your market area to help you set realistic and attainable goals. We develop a digital marketing strategy and blueprint. We analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) as our compass so together we reach your goals.

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2. Attract Your Ideal Clients

We know the home design industry, trends, competitors and customers. We develop buyer personas and assess your customers’ pain points, interests, and questions. We create blog, social media content and search methods to attract your ideal customers.

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3. Generate More Leads

We create lead generating tools so your website visitors get the opportunity to become leads. Buyer personas help us create relevant content attracting leads into your sales funnel. Now, more leads flow into the buyer journey toward becoming design clients you desire.

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4. Turn Leads Into Clients

Automation is the only way to save time and grow your business. You enjoy the benefits of increased customer acquisition in less time. Our sales automation streamlines emails, task reminders and sales work flows. Marketing automation educates and nurtures leads until they are ready to buy.

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5. Enjoy Repeat Business

Getting customers is a great goal. Convert them into raving fans with educational webinars. Use segmented newsletters and loyalty programs to win referrals. Repeat customers enjoy an outstanding experience every time. Loyal clients see you as their personal design expert.

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6. Analyze - We Get Results

Our account team analyzes how well your focused marketing is achieving business goals. Regular meetings, customized reports and your online client center include ROI analysis. Key performance indicators (KPIs) drive adjustments to your blueprint. Leverage our full potential to grow your design firm.

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Our digital marketing services empower building and design firms to reach celebrity status and success. Our vision is that you’ll use digital marketing to attract and inspire extraordinary clients. In turn, they commission influential and dramatic designs. Your daily work becomes full of exciting designs for phenomenal clients.

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We Automate Sales and Marketing So You Get Quality Leads To Win Larger Design Projects! Learn more in Ultimate Lead Generator training.

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This is the place you will find the best tips and tools to grow your home design business. We dedicate our blog to helping you with the latest trends in digital marketing. Marketing that returns your investment based on key performance indicators. At Luxury Design Marketing we focus on growth for luxury design firms.

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